Thursday, January 16, 2014

Planning to Build a RepRap Prusa i3


Prusa i3 build Manuals/Videos

Possible Frame Styles

Single Frame
Box Style Frame

Parts list will be for a Box Style Frame

Expect it to be more rigid and will hide the power supply.

Rod Length and Size Conversion: mm to inches

    • X Axis;
      • 2x 470mm 8mm smooth rod
      • 1x 20mm 8mm smooth (for extruder idler, use 8x20 threaded rod or grub screw instead as substitute)
    • Y Axis:
      • 2x 370mm 8mm smooth rods
      • 2x 400mm M10 threaded rods
      • 4x 205mm M8 threaded rods
    • Z Axis:
      • 2x 405mm 8mm smooth rod
      • 2x ~370mm M5 threaded rod
  • The Boxed Frame Style seems the most sturdy.  
    • Material? 
      • Low expansion and contraction
      • One guy used house siding material over plywood?
      • Thinking something like the deck material that doesn't rot
    • Look a using a sturdy table too lessen the vibration
  • Motor Components - x z and y access
    • Programmable Components
    • Printer Head size / Plastic dimensions
    • Printed Parts
  • Hot Ends;

MARK - Mobile Autonomous Robot using Kinect.

Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio you can run an robot that is MARK Compatible here are some vendors and information: